Out-of-state convictions

In addition to whatever penalties are imposed by the state where a DWI conviction occurred, a driver who is licensed in New York and gets convicted of DWI outside of New York will face additional consequences in New York State. If an out of state conviction occurred on or after November 1, 2006, it may count as a prior DWI for the purpose of elevating a misdemeanor DWI to a felony. Further, if a New York driver is convicted in another state of Driving While Intoxicated by alcohol or drugs, his/her license will be revoked and his/her registration may be revoked for at least 90 days. This applies to drivers who are 21 and over. A driver who is younger than 21 and is convicted of DWI out-of-state is subject to a one year mandatory revocation of his/her license and one year discretionary revocation for his/her registration for a first offense. 

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