Disobey a Traffic Device

Vehicle & Traffic Law Section 1110(a) mandates that a driver must obey any official traffic-control device, i.e., "all signs, signals, markings, and devices" placed by lawful authority for the purpose of "regulating, warning or guiding traffic." A summons for disobeying a Traffic Device in New York State carries with it a fine plus surcharge as well as two motor vehicle points. These summonses are typically pled down to parking tickets in jurisdictions outside of New York City. In New York City, however, these summonses are subject to the jurisdiction of the Traffic Violations Bureau. 

In New York City, summonses for violating section 1110(a) of the Vehicle and Traffic Law have to be tried. There are defenses to these charges and an experienced traffic ticket defense lawyer can frequently get 1110(a) summonses dismissed. Police officers who issue these tickets are usually not highway officers and sometimes leave elements out of their testimony. The officer, to prove one of these cases, needs to show that the signs were properly placed and free of graffiti. In addition, the officer also has to have adequate notes so that he/she can testify accurately to an incident that might have occurred over one year ago. Mistakes frequently result in dismissals, although the more experienced officers are usually able to prove their cases. Outside of NYC, it should be possible for a lawyer to obtain a no point disposition. 

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